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Q. Will our inspector be certified?
A. Absolutely. All our inspectors are certified and, more importantly, qualified.

Q. How soon can we expect to be scheduled?
A. Generally on the second or third day depending on our workload. It is always best to call as soon as possible, which gives us an opportunity to schedule with all the parties.

Q. Can our realtor schedule our inspection?
A. Sure, and this happens very often. Tell your agent to call as early as possible to guarantee we'll meet your deadlines.

Q. May we be present during the inspection?
A. Of course. In fact, we recommend you, or someone attend the inspection on your behalf. This is not a requirement, as we do many inspections without the buyers being present.

Q. How soon do we get a copy of the inspection report?
A. An e-mailed report within 24 hours of the inspection.  If you do not have an e-mail address, we can always fax or mail a copy.

Q. Can you schedule a termite inspection with our inspection?
A. Yes. Gleason Environmental Services provides that service for us. The cost starts at $75.00 and will be invoiced along with our fee.

Q. Can you make repairs or will you recommend a contractor if there are problems?
A. No. Our code of ethics prohibits us from doing work on a property that we inspect, and also, we cannot and will not recommend contractors.


Q. Can you conduct our radon testing?
A. Yes. We hold State of Florida certificates for radon measurement, radon mitigation services, and radon mitigation specialist, and conduct all the testing ourselves.

Q. How long does it take to test for radon?
A. The monitor will sit for 48hrs after being placed.  If the home has the windows/doors open, we will set the monitor on a delay, on top of the 48 hrs.

Q. What if a radon test is conducted, and the homes been closed up for an extended period of time?  Won’t this create an elevated reading?
A. No.  This is probably the most common misconception about radon.  A property being closed up for an extended period of time has no bearing on the test results.

Q. Why should I test for radon if there are no basements in Florida?
A. Radon enters homes through penetrations in the slab.  We have installed radon mitigation systems in high-rise condominiums above the 10th floor, and we have given proposals for radon mitigation in high-rise condominiums above the 20th floor.



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