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Mold Testing

Real Estate Mold Screening
The purpose of a screening is to ascertain if a present mold problem exists within a residence that is being considered for purchase or sale.
Basic Non-Viable Air Tests
We retrieve an inside air sample and an outside air sample. This test tells us how many individually identified mold spores, pollen, dust mites, insect parts, fibers and miscellaneous particulates there are in the air per cubic meter. This number is compared to the outside sample, which establishes the normal or baseline. Mold concentrations inside should be relatively equal to or less than outside concentrations.
Building Walk Through
We check for signs of water intrusion that presents a potential mold contamination risk.

A report is provided that identifies all findings, laboratory data sheets, descriptions, and pathogenicity of organisms detected during the inspection.
Should these suspicions arise or visible mold problems become apparent, the client will be informed immediately. At this time a determination can be made as to proceeding with a full survey.

mold testing
Basic Mold/Air Quality Screening Test
1 - Indoor air sample
1 - Outdoor air sample
air samples
Additional air samples
Swab Samples
Carpet Samples


NOTE: The indoor air samples of the mold/air quality testing, are only a snapshot of what is in the air you breathe, at the time of testing only. They do not detect mold that may be encapsulated behind baseboard, drywall, cabinets, etc.


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